Swan Hill Hire is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage our customer service. Swan Hill Hire knows that our success lies in delivering excellent customer service. This policy sets our commitment to provide our customers with the service they would expect.

Swan Hill Hire will show responsiveness.

  • Prompt service to your enquiries through our phone, email, or internet service
  • We aim to respond within one working day
  • We will provide accurate and up to date information when the customer needs it

Swan Hill Hire will show quality service.

  • Our employees understand the customers’ needs or issues because of their extensive experience with our equipment and our Industry.
  • Our customers will receive the same excellent service standard if you receive services from a third party on our behalf.

Swan Hill Hire will show confidentiality

  • We have systems in place to ensure that we protect the customers confidential information
  • We handle all your information in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988.

Swan Hill Hire will show transparency

  • We are open and transparent about our processes.
  • All our product information is published on our website.
  • We aim to provide consistent and clear information on our communication channels.
  • Our staff must disclose conflicts of interest.
  • We will give to access to the customers personal information if requested, by the customer.

Swan Hill Hire will show professionalism

Our business dealings with the customer will be conducted with integrity and honesty.

  • Our staff will focus on helping you find solutions to the customer’s needs.
  • Every customer is treated equally.
  • Our staff are accountable when dealing with our customers

If a customer calls our phone 5032 2107 or mobile numbers direct

  • Our staff will be experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Our staff are contactable after hours by calling 0429 396 235

If customer deals with us in showroom

  • We will always advise the customer the criteria against what is being hired or rented.
  • We will advise the total cost of the hire/rental for the duration of the hire/rental

To allow us to help a customer, Swan Hill Hire expect

  • That the customer will inform us accurate and complete information required for the hire/rental contract.
  • Take the time to understand their obligations with the contract.
  • Provide us with honest, constructive feedback on our service through email. Or to contact us immediately, if they need to make a complaint.

Feedback, complaints, compliments & suggestions

  • Feedback includes compliments, complaints, suggestions or any information about our project delivery, services, or performance.
  • Customers can provide feedback via our website, by following the links on our emails, by sending us an email to admin@swanhillhire.com.au or by calling our number on 03 5032 2107.
  • Should a customer have a complaint, we appreciate them providing us with the first opportunity to resolve it.
  • All customers have the right to raise concerns and make legitimate complaints and expect that the issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential, and responsive manner, free from repercussion or prejudice.
  • Clearly explaining the issue and what you think should be done to fix it, will assist us. Please include copies of any relevant documents or photo evidence. At the conclusion of a formal complaint, you will receive our decision in writing in the form of an email.
  • If you are still not satisfied, you may ask for a review of our handling of the matter. The review process will determine if we acted according to our policies and guidelines.

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